And here it is at long last, the end of Chapter 04! This time it’s a two-page spread. Fancy! Also we have new characters and a cliffhanger. The plot thickens!

Now that Chapter 04 is finished, Battle Kreaturez will be going on a semi-hiatus. What I mean by that is that the main plot will be put on hold for a few months while I build up a three chapter backlog. I need to do this, 2016 was an unmitigated disaster. Nobody reads webcomics during December anyway, everybody is too busy with the holidays. I’m projecting that we’ll be back on track by spring 2017.

However! This doesn’t mean the site will be going completely dormant. I will post comics here and there over the next few months; not just Wally comics, but something new! And of course I will also continue to make updates to the Kreature Archive and the art gallery and so on.

Thank you all so much for your readership and your patience!