Species: Human
Height: 188cm (6'2'')
Team: Crimson Lightning
Girlfriend: - undisclosed -
Birthday: July 2nd DAC5197
Fav Colours: Blue, orange, white
Likes: Trash talk, taking selfies, working out
Dislikes: Having his hair messed up
Debut: Chapter 01, Page 08


Skyler is unequivocally superior to Ben in every way: self assured, intelligent, ambitious and most of all, lucky. Life seems to hand out good fortune to Skyler like Halloween candy. Not only did he ace his Lvl1 Tamer License application, he's become one of the most promising up-and-coming rookies in the KCF. He's also popular, having accumulated thousands of followers on his social media accounts. He's a wisecracking smartaleck who teases Ben when the opportunity presents itself. Though his taunts are made in jest they still wear on Ben's fragile confidence.



As far as Skyler is concerned, the best defence is a good offence. He strikes hard and fast to get in the first blow and take control of the fight.


Name: “Maude”
Rank: D
Sex: Female

Skyler's first Kreature. Unlike most Tamers, Skyler started off with not just one but two Kreatures, because his parents are well-off and dote on him.



Name: “Sabre”
Rank: D+
Sex: Male

Skyler's other first Kreature. As an extra bonus for having such good grades, Skyler's parents let him order Kreatures with customized colour patterns.