General Questions

Q: What is Battle Kreaturez about, anyway?

A: Battle Kreaturez is a character driven science-fiction dramedy webcomic about a small company struggling to revive its failing business. It focuses on the Wyldcard team – a team of washed up Kreature tamers who have hit rock bottom in the professional Kreature Combat circuit – and their efforts to not only reclaim their former status but to rise above it.

Q: So this is basically a ripoff of Pokémon?
A: Only as much as Spider-man could be considered a “ripoff” of Superman: what little they share in common can be attributed to drawing upon the same genre conventions. Battle Kreaturez has a totally different premise, story arc, tone and central character dynamic.

Q: Who is the target audience?
A: I write this comic to please myself. However, if I had to pin a specific demographic I guess it’d be general audiences age 18 and up. This comic is NOT for kids!

Q: How often does the site update?
A: Whenever I feel like it. Officially, the comic updates Tuesdays and Saturdays, but keep in mind that I have to write scripts, sketch thumbnails, then draw, ink and colour everything by all myself. It can take me 1-2 days to finish a single page. Please be patient!

Q: How long has it been around?
A: I created the site on August 25th 2015 and posted the prologue on September 25th, but Battle Kreaturez has existed in some form or another for a very long time. I officially conceptualized the 1st draft in the summer of 1999 and wrote the first comic during the September of that year when I was in Grade Eight.

Q: What tools do you use?
A: I still use traditional media for my thumbnails and preliminary sketches: ordinary 8×11 printer paper and a 3H pencil. I ink and colour in Clip Studio using a Surface Pro 6.

Q: Is this old thing you drew or wrote on some other site still canon?
A: No. The web novel “Battle Kreaturez – Comeback” and the most current draft of the comic itself are the highest levels of canon. Just below that is the bonus content on the site (the cast page, Kreature archive, lore pages and main art gallery.) Anything else should be considered non-canon.

Q: Will you ever bring back (_____) from the old Kreature Archive?
A: Maybe, maybe not. My sensibilities have changed over the years so many of those old designs have been banished to retcon hell. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Q: How many Kreatures do you have?
A: My official number was 500, but my old Kreature Archive had about 350. Nowadays I opt for quality over quantity.

Q: Can I write fanfic/draw fanart of your characters?
A: Sure! I find it flattering that someone would go out of their way to pay tribute to my characters like that (yes, even the porn!) Show it to me and maybe I’ll post it in the fanwork gallery!

Q: Can you put my (OC/Fan-Kreature/Whatever) in your comic?
A: No thanks, I don’t solicit ideas from readers.

Q: What is your site's comment policy?
A: Read it here!