The world of Dimentiara is an earth-like planet from a parallel universe. Although the laws of physics in this universe are subtly different, and the planet itself has different continents and a blue moon, Dimentiara is remarkably similar to Earth. It’s the same size, is the same distance from its sun, has a similar climate and atmospheric composition, and is even surrounded by a nearly identical solar system. The reason for this is because Dimentiara actually is Earth, or could at least be considered Earth’s alternate-dimension counterpart.

The nations which currently comprise Dimentiara’s geopolitical landscape trace their origins to various tribes that emerged in the aftermath of the wars that once plagued the planet.


The nation where our story takes place. On its east coast is the Sawtooth Mountain Range, one of the highest in Dimentiara, which forms a natural barrier that separates its population from most roaming Rank A Kreatures, making it a relatively safe place to live. As a result its people are friendly but complacent: it is a quiet, cozy democracy which is better known for its thriving entertainment industry than its government. Zaitopians are obsessed with Kreature Combat, the national sport, so it’s only fitting that the KCF has its head office located in Zaito City, the nation’s capital.


Due to the proximity and extensive trade between Zaitopia and Akatoria, the two nations share a broadly similar culture and speak the same language. However, there are some key differences between them. There are fewer geographical barriers separating its populace from powerful Wild Kreatures, so its people are more paranoid and defensive. Thus, it has a much higher defence budget than it probably needs. As a result, Akatoria has a larger military and plays a more proactive role in Dimentiara’s global politics.

Lavok Archipelago

A small chain of islands off the eastern cost of Akatoria. These islands are volcanic and geologically recent, and are a popular tourist destination thanks to their warm climate and unique endemic Kreatures. Each Island is ostensibly a province within the greater Lavok nation, but each one has its own unique culture and traditions, practically mini-nations each unto themselves. The ocean keeps out most external threats so most of the conflict comes from within as the provinces bicker with each other like a broken family.


A nightmarish totalitarian dictatorship ruled over by a bloodthirsty warmongering tyrant. Its people are impoverished and kept in line through a brutal police state and propaganda. Civilians aren’t allowed to own Kreatures and completely at the mercy of the armed forces. It has frequent territorial disputes with Lenlaria and the two nations have a proverbial gun to the other’s head.


A republic with a royal family who have since become powerless figureheads. This nation doesn’t have much habitable land for its size, but it has a large population. This has caused real estate prices to skyrocket, weakening the economy and creating social unrest between its proletariat and elite classes. Immigrants from Lenlaria frequently travel to Badonlas, Akatoria and Zaitopia.


The largest nation in Dimentiara in terms of the sheer volume of safe, habitable territory. A somewhat benevolent monarchy ruled by a queen, it is rich in natural resources and an economic rival of Akatoria. The two countries have a rocky relationship and sometimes challenge each other, but this is mostly macho posturing and unlikely to escalate to war.

Olios Islands

Formerly a province of Badonlas, the Olios Islands have since split off from their mother country, though they maintain a close relationship. These islands actually used to be a continent, but it was flooded when the global climate became hotter and the sea level rose. The waters between them are littered with the ruins of an extinct civilization who worshipped Kreatures as Gods, which have since become makeshift reefs for the aquatic Kreatures who live there.

Trikos Islands

This nation is composed of three main islands, known as the “Triplet Islands” to the south, and a cluster of smaller islands to the north linking it to Zaitopia’s West Horn Penninsula. The Trikos Islands are fortuitously located along an important trade route connecting Dimentiara’s Eastern and Western hemispheres, so it’s always served as an economic hub. As a result, its people are diverse and enjoy a high standard of living.


Although the continent of Crylona is large, most of it is covered by a frigid ice cap. Only the Southernmost tip of the continent remains un-buried by glaciers, and most of the continent’s population, including its only large city, is found there. Crylona was once an important pit stop between the Northeast and Northwest, but since Rikenga became a dictatorship, Crylona has become impoverished due to the poor relationship between Rikenga and Zaitopia.


Just as frozen and even less inhabited than its northern counterpart, almost the entire continent’s population lives on the Enderon Penninsula, which is found south of the Olios Islands. Badonlas and Akatoria claim sovereignty over a handful of islands on the opposite side of the continent; Enderon lacks the power to dispute this.


This continent marks the border between the Sea of Despair and the Sea of No Return. Nobody owns it and nobody wants it. Severax is even more dangerous than the rest of Dimentiara, infested with a high abundance of exceptionally powerful and vicious Wild Kreatures. The few Tamers on pilgrimage who have managed to escape from Severax described extreme difficulty mindlinking with their Kreatures. Some kind of abnormal magnetic wavelength has been suggested as the cause, but nobody quite knows for sure.

These maps were a collaboration between myself and another artist: I drew the continents and she did the geography. I used these as a reference for the main image. Commission her here!