The sport of Professional Kreature Combat is overseen by a regulating body known as the Kreature Combat Federation. To this end, they have established numerous rules and regulations for all Tamers to obey. The following rules cover the basics, though depending on the specific battle mode the contestants have agreed upon, additional rules may also be stipulated.

General Rules

- Kreatures must never be forced to fight. The referee will only start the match after all the contestants have mindlinked with their Kreatures. In the event a contestant cannot establish a mindlink, a backup may take their place.

- Kreature Combat is a contest of strength and skill, not a battle to the death. Deliberately aiming for an opposing Kreature's nucleus is strictly forbidden.

- Immature, sick or infirm Kreatures are not permitted for combat. “Physical maturity” in this case is defined by how developed the Kreature's nuclo-aura is and not by the stage of its life cycle.

- The use of illegal or performance enhancing substances before or during a match is strictly forbidden. Tamers found to be in violation can be disqualified.

- Battle Kreature Enhancement Armour are tools of war and have no place in Professional Kreature Combat.

- Tamers must surrender their amulets for processing immediately prior to a match so the Kreatures within can be scanned for physical abnormalities or illegal substances.

- Tamers must finish what they start. Swapping Kreatures during a match is not permitted.


Conditions for Victory

An officially sanctioned match can end in one of several ways:

- Knock out: wherein the contestant's Kreature is rendered unconscious by the opponent's attacks.

- Ring out: the contestant's Kreature falls off the edge of the battlefield or is otherwise forced out by the opponent. The contestant can still climb back in so long as no part of their Kreature's body touches the floor of the pit.

- Beam out: the contestant beams their Kreature back into their amulet to heal. Doing so is an automatic forfeit.

- Submission: If one contestant's Kreature manages to subdue their opponent with a submission hold, the trapped contestant may tap out or surrender. If they are unable, the referee may call for an end to the match.

- Decision: If a battle lasts the entire duration of the match, the outcome is decided by the judges based on accumulated points.

- Mindlink Rejection: If the Kreature rejects the mindlink of its own accord during combat and the Tamer cannot establish another, the Kreature will be removed from the battlefield and it will be treated as as a beam out.

- Disqualification: Each time a contestant commits a foul, they are given a warning. After three, they are disqualified. An illegal move which ends a match will also result in disqualification.



- Suffocation: Contestants may not strangle their opponents. Kreatures which constrict or tunnel under their opponents may only use these abilities to immobilize the enemy. In an aquatic battlefield, contestants are not permitted to drown their opponents. This also applies to non-amphibious aquatic Kreatures being stranded outside the water.

- Friendly fire: if a contestant is attacked by their own teammate, this results in a foul for their attacker. Friendly fire can be excused if it was clearly accidental, but points will be deducted.

- Breaking mindlinks: Rampant Kreatures pose an extreme threat to not just the opponent but to one's teammates as well. Attempting to deliberately break an opponent's mindlink is forbidden.

- Timidity: Excessively avoiding contact with an opponent, stalling without counterattacking, faking injuries, or faking a broken mind link to gain a reprieve is not allowed.