Pronunciation: “Ah-GAW-muh-dawn”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: B

Adult Size

Height: 2.39m (7’10”)
Length: 4.93m (16’2″)
Weight: 1.7t (1.9 tons)


– Burrowing
– Vibration Detection
– Brute Strength


This Kreature was created for desert ambush attacks and tunneling under enemy lines. It will flatten its body and the row of spines on its back, and conceal itself underground. When the enemy passes overhead, it will erupt from below and raise its spines, slicing into its adversary’s belly. It has thick, sturdy teeth for crushing the hard shells of the large desert scarab beetles that are its favourite food. Though the large flaps of skin that expand from the corners of its mouth look impressive, they are primarily for visual display.