Species: Human
Height: 160cm (5’3”)
Occupation: Spokeswoman, Social media personality
Significant Other: (Single)
Birthday: July 6 DAC5193
Fav Colours: Magenta, yellow
Likes: Fashion, jewelry, horror movies
Dislikes: Sitting still, deep murky water
Debut: Chapter 06, page 01


Employed by Boogie Reach PR Firm as a spokeswoman, Amy is inquisitive and motivated, seeking new experiences as an end unto itself. She’s bold, flirty, glamorous and highly extroverted. Amy has always enjoyed being the center of attention; she just loves to be spoiled and treated like a princess. Though she can be vain and gossipy, she isn’t shallow or mean. A rising social media star, Amy has a creative streak along with a vivid imagination.


Since Amy is not a professional Kreature Tamer, she has yet to develop her own distinct combat style.


Name: Trixie
Rank: D+
Sex: Female

Amy’s first Kreature. She is very affectionate, spending much of her time wrapped around Amy’s shoulders or coiled up on her lap. She also has a sadistic streak, mutilating tiny critters when she isn’t hungry just to watch them die. Amy adopted Trixie as a kitten when a Wyrmaou belonging to her friend Ida’s cousin gave birth to an unexpected litter. (She didn’t get to pick and choose; Trixie murdered her siblings.)