Now that the comic is coming back proper, I feel my readers deserve an explanation for why I went on hiatus in the first place, and why the hiatus lasted so long.

It all goes back to when I first started the comic. In the spring of 2015, I decided that I would launch my webcomic in the September of that year, to commemorate its 16th year of existence as a personal project. I intended to spend the summer working on a backlog so that I’d have plenty of pages in reserve before starting. Unfortunately the flash drive with all my artwork on it failed and I had a hell of a time recovering everything from it. The incident set me back and demoralized me, and I started with far fewer pages than I’d planned. The deck was stacked against me from the start.

Being a webcomic artist is hard; one has to be a writer, editor, storyboarder, penciller, inker, background artist, colourist, publisher, promoter and web designer all at once. I’m basically doing the work of an entire small studio by myself for free. Keeping my head above water, combined with my anxiety and drama in my personal life, were a recipe for disaster. Once I finished Chapter 04, I figured that since my webcomic barely had any readers anyway I could afford to work at a leisurely pace on a much thicker backlog before starting the comic back up back up in earnest.

That said, I’m happy to be back and I’m eager to see my readership return and grow.