Pronunciation: "Ah-RACK-na-shoot"
Type: Wild Kreature
Rank: D-

Adult Size

Length: 15cm (6'')
Legspan: 22cm (9'')
Weight: 907g (2lbs)


- Neurotoxic venom
- Silk Lure



This Kreature floats from place to place with its silk parachute, which it carries on its back when not in use. It will try to intimidate a predator by squeezing gasses out of small holes lining its body to make a hissing noise; it will use these same puffs of gas to ascend and gain altitude until a strong enough gust of wind can carry it away. It will lower a line of silk with an adhesive blob on the end to capture prey while in flight. It will usually roost wherever it lands, but shabby, run-down buildings are its favourite habitat.