Pronunciation: "ARC-tuh-HOUND"
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: C

Adult Size

Height: 81cm (2'8'')
Length: 2.08m (6'10")
Weight: 43kg (95lbs)


- Howling Inferno
- Numbing Lick
- Scent Tracking



This Kreature is the meta form of Arctipoof. This Kreature was designed for amphibious arctic combat, with rough paws and uncanny balance giving it good traction on the ice. It has swapped out its fluffy white coat for a suit of scaly, armoured skin; the lack of fur prevents it from becoming waterlogged, while ice structuring proteins in its blood keep it from freezing. It will unleash a fiery howl to melt holes in the ice, plunging its opponents into the freezing depths. It wags its tail when it is happy, but one must still be careful, because a sweeping blow from its muscular tail can easily break a man's spine.