Pronunciation: "BAND-ed-it"
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: D

Adult Size

Height: 74cm (2')
Length: 1.3m (4'5'')
Weight: 15kg (34lbs)


- Night vision
- Arboreal agility
- Brawling



This Kreature was created for stealth and infiltration. It’s fast, light on its feet, and can see in the dark. With its long, balancing tail and opposable fingers and toes, it is an extremely agile climber that can sneak into most places undetected. For these reasons it is used by burglars, thieves and other unsavoury criminals to pull off heists. It loves to collect things which capture its interest, which varies from one individual to the next, but an affinity for jewelry and other shiny objects is common among its kind. Male and female Bandedit alike have a pouch on their underside in which to store their ill-gotten prizes.