Pronunciation: "Bee-BOO-zull"
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: B-

Adult Size

Length: 2.3m (7'8)
Wingspan: 4.6m (15'2'')
Weight: 258kg (570lbs)


- Projectile stingers
- Metamorphosis suppression

Beeboozle01© Stephen J. Greene, 2015


Every hive of Bumbuzzles has a Beeboozle as its queen, and in addition to laying eggs that hatch more workers, she will assist in defending the hive from threats that her offspring can't handle using her massive talons and projectile stingers. She emits pheromones that supress the metamorphosis of her progeny, and when she dies, the strongest worker will metamorphose to take her place. Before scientists figured out how to grow Kreatures that were duds by default, synthetic Beeboozle pheromones were used to make an anti-meta serum for Kreature Tamers to use to postpone their Kreatures' metamorphosis.