Species: Human
Height: 170cm (5’7”)
Team: Wyldcard
Boyfriend: – Single –
Birthday: July 22nd DAC5197
Fav Colours: Orange, blue, green, brown
Likes: Hoverboarding, running, swimming
Dislikes: Math, reading
Debut: Comeback – Chapter 01
Chapter 01, Page 03


Ben is a rookie Kreature Tamer who could be best described as “adorkable”. He's sensitive and kind hearted but he isn't the brightest bulb on the tree (not to mention self-conscious and shy to a fault.) However, he compensates for his shortcomings with with plenty of enthusiasm, a strong emotional connection with his Kreatures, and occasional insight. His motives are sincere; he became a Tamer out of an interest in Kreature Combat for its own sake, not out of shallow aspirations for power, glory or wealth. Although he's his own worst critic, he has more potential than he realizes.



A specialist in hit-and-run tactics, Ben uses his Kreatures' speed and agility to outflank his opponents.


Name: “Slash”
Rank: D+
Sex: Male

Ben's first Kreature. Slash is loyal, affectionate, and enjoys playing in the water, as is characteristic for his species. He's not quite as timid as his Tamer, tending to be rather outgoing towards friends and strangers alike.