Pronunciation: “BOE-docks”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: B

Adult Size

Height: 1.87m (6’3”)
Length: 2.82m (9’6”)
Weight: 2.9t (3.2 tons)


– Mega Stab
– Brute Strength



Bodox has the ability to impale an opponent on its horns while using them to project explosive, short-ranged energy blasts, inflicting horrific internal damage. It is dimwitted, brutish and easily spooked. It will charge at anything it perceives as an enemy, trampling and goring the intruder until it's satisfied it no longer poses a threat. Bodox manure is rich in nitrogen and other nutrients that make it well suited for fertilizer; however, its low metabolism and efficient digestive system means it doesn't produce much of it, making its feces a sought-after commodity. Bodox flesh is Dravenger's favourite food.