Pronunciation: “BRIZZ-largg”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: C

Adult Size

Height: 99cm (3’3”)
Length: 1.45m (4’9”)
Weight: 132kg (290lbs)


– Projectile quills
– Burrowing
– Rolling


Brizlarg is a tough, nasty, adaptable scavenger with a bottomless appetite. Feral specimens converge on farmland, garbage dumps and pretty much anywhere else where they can dig up food with their thick, sturdy claws. It isn’t a picky eater but carrion, grubs and fungus are its favourite foods. It will intimidate rivals by rattling its quills in a cacophonous threat display before launching them in parabolic arcs. Its quills are covered in microscopic barbs that embed the quills deeper into its victim’s flesh. To reduce the damage from removing them, the trick is to snip off the top of the quill to reduce the pressure, then twist and pull straight up.