Pronunciation: "Sih-TRIX-ee-uh"
Type: Feeder Kreature, Battle Kreature
Rank: C-

Adult Size

Height: 1.1m (3'6'')
Weight: 41kg (91lbs)


- Concentrated Acid spray
- Regeneration



This Kreature is content to have the juices in its head squeezed out to nourish its Tamer and fellow Kreatures. However, when it's on the attack, it will concentrate the pH content in its juices to absurdly toxic levels and spray it at the enemy: this acid is so corrosive it can dissolve a slab of steel 250mm thick as if it were cotton candy. If need be, it can rip its own head off and throw it like a huge, acid-spewing grenade. Fortunately, it can easily grow a new head within a few minutes.