Pronunciation: “SAI-blade”
Type: Cyborg Kreature, Worker Kreature, Battle Kreature
Rank: C

Adult Size

Height: 1.60m (5'3'')
Weight: 145kg (320lbs)


- Biometallic exoskeleton
- Super Strength and Stamina
- Manus Conversion System



“If it ain't broke, don't fix it”. One of the earliest cyborg Kreatures to be designed, it's one of the few 1st generation models which still remains in production due to its low cost, low maintenance, durability, and modularity. Though originally designed for combat, its toughness and determination makes it well suited for work in the civilian sector such as harvesting crops and pulling heavy loads. To this end, its default scythe hands can be swapped out for custom designed appendages.