Species: Human
Height: 198cm (6'6”)
Team: Wyldcard
Girlfriend: Kristy Winters
Birthday: December 17 DAC5185
Fav Colours: Blue, green, black, red
Likes: Surfing, sleeping in
Dislikes: Snow, formal attire
Debut: Chapter 02, Page 03


Dennis is an outgoing guy who follows the path of least resistance. He may not always take things seriously, but his casual attitude belies his infectious passion for the people and Kreatures he cares about. He grew up around Kreatures, so their husbandry is second nature to him, making him well suited as the Wyldcard team’s head Kreature Keeper. A highly empathetic person, Dennis has a nurturing side that compels him to help others learn and grow. He’s thoughtful, affectionate, and views his teammates like family. He has seemingly endless patience and tries to give others the benefit of the doubt.



Dennis is a skilled Kreature Tamer, his combat style making use of his Kreatures' diverse range of abilities for a "jack-of-all-trades" approach.


Name: Henry
Rank: C
Sex: Male

Henry is a symbol of love, grown by Kristy as an anniversary gift for Dennis. Though he is unusually tame for a Geksaur, there's nothing special about him. Henry's good behaviour isn't a genetic quirk, but the result of Dennis' hard work and tender loving care.


Anerythristic Scuthon

Name: Oscar
Rank: C+
Sex: Female

Though she's not Dennis' first Kreature, she's the oldest one he still owns. Due to his inexperience at the time Dennis mistook her for a male, but her name stuck so he never changed it. While she might look intimidating, outside of combat she's a total sweetheart.



Name: Igor
Rank: D
Sex: Male

Igor is Dennis' newest Kreature. He's still in-training, so he doesn't see as much action as Dennis' other Kreatures yet. The only thing he enjoys more than battle is pigging out on Dennis' homemade Snaklarv flavoured Kreature Treats.