Pronunciation: “DEV-ill-leg”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: B

Adult Size

Height: 1.83m (6′)
Legspan: 7.92m (26′)
Weight: 2.1t (2.3 tons)


– Pyrokinesis
– Acid spray
– Wall crawling


This massive, shambling arachnoid monstrosity is protected by a thick exoskeleton and an array of sharp spines. In combat it will quickly scurry and leap about, firing pyrokinetic rays from all four eyes in rapid succession. Feral specimens can be found lurking in caves, storm drains, abandoned subway tunnels and other dark, damp places during the day. If suddenly roused from its slumber, it will fart out a noxious cloud of corrosive chemicals and beat a hasty retreat.