Pronunciation: “Dye-NOE-lee”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: C

Adult Size

Height: 94cm (3’1”)
Length: 2.35m (7’9”)
Weight: 43.09kg (95lbs)


– Wall Crawling
– Rapid Regeneration
– Camouflage
– Athleticism


This Kreature was designed for arboreal combat in jungle and swampy biomes. It has an extendable dewlap on its neck which it will inflate to display to mates and rivals. When two males meet, they will show off with dewlap-spreading and head bobbing displays, which result in vicious brawls if neither backs down. Its fighting capabilities are nearly identical to Geksaur’s, and the two Kreatures compete for the same habitat and resources in areas where feral populations of these Kreatures overlap. Dinole is diurnal, whereas Geksaur is nocturnal, which helps mitigate conflict somewhat.