Pronunciation: "DOOM-oth"
Type: Mystery Kreature
Rank: C

Adult Size

Height: 2.1m (6'10'')
Wingspan: 3.6m (11'9'')
Weight: 96kg (211lbs)


- Malevolent Gaze
- Precognition



Very little is known about this mysterious Kreature. It has the ability to instill a primal sense of dread and foreboding in those it encounters; even the bravest Tamers and highest ranked Kreatures may find themselves paralysed with fear, giving it ample opportunity to fly away at supersonic speeds. Its appearance seems to foreshadow catastrophic events such as natural disasters and Rank A Kreature attacks. It's been speculated that it shows up early to scavenge the corpses left in the wake of these tragedies, but this is dubious since it appears to lack mouthparts entirely.