Pronunciation: "DREY-crow"
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: D

Adult Size

Height: 48cm (1'7'')
Length: 99cm (3'3'')
Wingspan: 1.1m (3'6'')
Weight: 4kg (10lbs)


- Toxic Cloud
- Venomous talons



When this common scavenger finds a victim that is on the brink of death, it will finish it off with a neurotoxic venom in its talons, and then flap its wings to contaminate the meat with poison so that only its own kind can eat it. Despite its reputation as a spectre of death, this Kreature is playful and clever. It can distinguish one person from another, responding positively to those who treat it kindly, and holding a grudge against those who betray its trust. Its fast learning curve, ease of care and useful support abilities make it a popular choice among newbie Kreature Tamers.