Pronunciation: "DREY-ko-vyle"
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: C

Adult Size

Height: 1.27m (4'2'')
Length: 3.76m (12'4'')
Wingspan: 4.39m (14'5'')
Weight: 110.6kg (244lbs)


- Toxic Flame Breath
- Cytotoxic and Neurotoxic Venom
- Scent Tracking



Drakovile is the meta-form of Emberasp. This Kreature fuels its fire breath with combustible venom. The smoke from its flames is extremely poisonous, and can cause paralysis if it's inhaled. It is greedy and gluttonous, unhinging its jaw to swallow large meals whole, gorging itself so much that it will be too heavy to fly away. This vain, possessive Kreature will compulsively hoard objects to decorate its lair. Individuals will have their own unique preferences, but shiny objects are a common interest among its kind.