Pronunciation: “DRAH-venn-jurr”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: B

Adult Size

Height: 2.87m (9’5”)
Length: 7.6m (25′)
Weight: 2.7t (3 tons)


– Fire Breath
– Scent tracking
– Acid puke



This brutish, surly beast is a tyrant in the truest sense of the term. Its wild ancestors were obligate kleptoparasites that prefer to abuse their power to steal food from weaker predatory Kreatures, despite easily being formidable enough to catch their own prey. Its perforated nostrils allow it to pick up the scent of blood from 30 kilometres away, its mighty jaws can crush bones and its stomach can digest even the most putrid meat. Nobody knows what it uses its tiny arms for; they seem to be vestigial. When it's in the mood, it will hunt Bodox, its favourite prey, more for sport than for sustenance.