Pronunciation: “Eh-TEEP”
Type: Domestic Kreature, Feeder Kreature
Rank: D-

Adult Size

Height: 27cm (11'')
Length: 48cm (1'7'')
Weight: 1.3kg (3lbs)


- Short range pyrokinesis
- Scent tracking
- Burrowing



Though this Kreature was purportedly designed to be a pet, in practice it’s more like a parasite. Its pyrokinetic abilities make it a potential fire hazard and all it took were a handful of dissatisfied pet owners releasing their Eteeps into the wild for it to become a feral pest. It was a huge PR disaster for the manufacturer, Synthogen Inc, but they managed to recoup their financial losses: “Teepstop” is now one of Dimentiara’s most lucrative fast food franchises.