Pronunciation: “FOE-docks”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: C

Adult Size

Height: 1.2m (4′)
Length: 2.43m (8′)
Weight: 59.8kg (110lbs)


– Electro-Fireball
– Keen Hearing



It's popular with Kreature Tamers who are just starting out because it's an inexpensive Rank C Kreature that tames down easy like a Rank D, with balanced stats and simple husbandry. The downside is that because its wild ancestors were prey for many larger Kreatures, it has a short lifespan, reaching sexual maturity at six months and living for only two or three years. It is sexually dimorphic: males have three tail blades, females have only two. It is highly adaptable so it easily turns feral, becoming a dangerous pest that lives and hunts in packs of up to 50 members that consist of a breeding pair and their many offspring, who raid crops and attack unwary travellers.