Pronunciation: "For-ESS-pryte"
Type: Mystery Kreature
Rank: A

Adult Size

Height: 2.79m (9'2'')
Weight: 508kg (1121lbs)


- Hallucinogenic spores
- Mind shock
- Sensory distortion
- Empathic inducement
- Venomous claws



A Mystery Kreature which haunts the Cryptic Forest and other remote, heavily wooded areas. The psychoactive spores it emits cause severe respiratory inflammation to those within range and leaves them vulnerable to its devastating array of psionic abilities. It can induce feelings of primal dread, scramble the senses and induce mind-splitting headaches. It has been blamed for attacks on campers and hikers, wherein the victims have been torn to shreds and strung up on tree branches. It may have developed these abilities for self defense, but it's also rumoured that it feeds on blood and intense negative emotions. It's been said that only a Tamer with a tranquil heart and a mind at ease stands a chance against it in battle.