Pronunciation: “FUN-guh-SLITH-er”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: C

Adult Size

Height: 1.09m (3'7'')
Length: 2.95m (9'8'')
Weight: 39kg (88lbs)


- Bioluminescence
- Venomous coils
- Poison spores
- Burrowing



Fungislither is the meta-form of Mushreath. It is a Kreature designed for surprise attacks, hiding underground in wait for victims. Its stem is covered in stinging cells which inject neurotoxic venom into its prey when it pops out and traps them in its coils. Multiple Funguslither may bury themselves in a ring formation and work together to subdue larger prey, emerging to attack all at once when the target steps into the center.