Pronunciation: “GECK-oyd”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: D

Adult Size

Length: 63cm (2’1”)
Weight: 15kg (33lbs)


– Wall Crawling
– Rapid Regeneration
– Night Vision



This Kreature is said to be a harbinger of good luck which can see into the future. There is a grain of truth to this: it does have a sort of precognition in the form of keen senses and lightning quick reflexes which enable it to easily detect and react to danger. It is clever and adaptable; feral Gekkoids are able to survive in cities, where they have been known to lie in wait next to artificial light sources such as street lights or neon signs and ambush prey attracted to the glow. If disturbed, this flighty and defensive Kreature will latch on to an enemy with sticky paws and powerful jaws.