Species: Human
Height: 185cm (6’1”)
Team: Crimson Lightning
Wife: Kate Touma
Birthday: August 12 DAC5185
Fav Colours: Black, orange, brown
Likes: Technology, cooking
Dislikes: Small spaces
Debut: Chapter 04 Epilogue


The co-manager of the Crimson Lightning team. Gene is serious, responsible and pragmatic, a model husband and father, though he isn’t stuffy and harbours a mild sarcasm. He does what he feels has to do, even if he might not necessarily want to; such is the burden of leadership. He’s highly motivated and passionate. While he tries to take his teammates’ feelings and input into account, he has a very clear vision for the way he wants to do things and it can be difficult to get him to budge once he’s made up his mind.


Gene’s a good strategist and is the team’s main battle planner; he has an analytic combat style, using his Kreatures to fight defensively until he gets a handle on his opponent’s attack patterns.


Name: Gomphy
Rank: B
Sex: Female

Though Gene owns three Gompherus, the matriarch, “Gomphy”, is the one he utilizes most often in battle. She has a commanding presence befitting of the team leader’s Kreature, but is sweet and gentle enough that Gene will take his son for rides on her back.