Pronunciation: “GHOS-tode”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: C

Adult Size

Height: 1.1m (3'8'')
Weight: 83.9kg (185lbs)


- Invisibility
- Venomous claws
- Vibration detection
- Sweltered venom




This Kreature's undead appearance led to the belief that its ancestors were living dolls sewn together by evil spirits out of body parts collected from people who drowned in swamps or bogs. The truth is somewhat more mundane: it is the meta-form of Spectad, and the “seams” on its body are lateral lines that enable it to feel the vibrations of its prey in murky water. It also has retractable stalk eyes and can spew flaming globs of Sweltered Venom which explode on contact. Males have odontoid projections on their lower jaws which they use for territorial combat.