Pronunciation: "GO-gone"
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: D+

Adult Size

Height: 71cm (2'4'')
Length: 1.2m (4'10'')
Weight: 20.4kg (45lbs)


- Brawling
- Athleticism
- Keen vision



This Kreature's long brachiating arms, hook-like claws, great upper-body strength and prehensile tail make it an agile climber and brawler. It inherited binocular colour vision from its wild ancestors that allowed them to spot delicious fruit and bugs in the forest canopy. Mangoes are its favourite food, to the point where its kind will use them as a form of currency in exchange for inter-group alliances, social status and sex. It can even become addicted to mangoes and grow irritable from withdrawal when they're out of season.