Pronunciation: “Gor-boe-SOCK”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: C

Adult Size

Length: 1.45m (4’9″)
Weight: 35.9kg (87lbs)


– Biolaser Projection
– Bioluminescent Flash
– Gastrointestinal Elasticity


A Kreature created for deep-sea ambush attacks. It can use bioluminescence to produce blinding flashes of light to disorient prey or pulse laser attacks projected from the tips of its barbels; its eyes have nictitating membranes that prevent it from blinding itself. Able to go for months at a time without eating, it gorges itself when given the opportunity. With its stretchy gastrointestinal tract, it is able to consume victims twice its own size. Its flesh reeks of ammonia, making it unfit for human consumption.