Pronunciation: “Grun-JYRE”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: B

Adult Size

Height: 1.30m (4’3″)
Length: 5.33m (17’6”)
Weight: 1.6t (1.8 tons)


– Explosive Breath
– Rancid fumes
– Scent marking


This loathsome scavenger can emit clouds of rancid breath which it can ignite to create explosions. It was created to clear bodies off of battlefields to halt the spread of disease, though it’s a capable hunter and fighter as well. It uses its tail as a paintbrush, smearing the smelly grease coating its fur onto rocks and trees to mark its territory. It will also scent-mark its kills; this scent will then soak into the meat, rendering it inedible for any other Kreature. In areas where their ranges overlap, feral Grungires and Beastrox will sometimes quarrel for control over carcasses.