Pronunciation: "GEAL-oh-jaw"
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: B-

Adult Size

Length: 4.31m (14’2”)
Weight: 1t (1.1 tons)


- Brute Strength
- Burrowing
- Leaping
- Vibration Detection



Guilojaw is the meta form of Cleavbill. Its face plates have fused together into a single massively reinforced armoured skull plate which can easily deflect most attacks. It is actually less aggressive than Cleavbill, being more of an ambush hunter. It will cruise along slowly to conserve its stamina, and then lunge with unexpected speed, breaching explosively from the water. It will rip out huge, gaping chunks from larger prey, tearing it apart limb from limb; smaller victims will merely be crushed and swallowed with a single bite. Its wild ancestors live in freshwater and spawn in saltwater.