Pronunciation: “Ish-OOK-nook”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: A

Adult Size

Height: 5.6m (18'8'')
Weight: 10t (11.02 tons)


- Geokinesis
- Ice breath
- Super strength



This Kreature's colossal height allows it to spot others of its kind in the featureless tundra. It has an armoured exoskeleton composed of mineralized tissues that it strengthens by eating rocks, which it will pluck from the earth itself using its geokinetic powers. It can also use these rocks as weapons once it reinforces them with its ice breath. It dies standing up, its innards decomposing and its exoskeleton fusing into a solid piece, leaving behind the empty shell, which becomes a part of the landscape and a shelter for passers-by.