Pronunciation: "Kuh-GALL-dee"
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: C

Adult Size

Height: 60cm (2')
Length: 1.9m (6'5'')
Weight: 38kg (85lbs)


- Cutter Wave
- Super Speed and Agility
- Keen hearing
- Regeneration



Kagaldie is the meta-form of Jagaldie. Its reflective tail blade can absorb an opponent's energy attacks to replenish its strength or heal its injuries. In addition, its tail is composed of interlocking segments that allow it to catch and control an opponent's appendages. It lives with herds of Jagaldie and appoints itself as their guardian. It takes its job very seriously, to the point where it will even bury their droppings to avoid attracting predators. It will show this same steadfast loyalty towards its tamer.