Pronunciation: “Kuh-STALL”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: B

Adult Size

Height: 2.48m (8’2′)
Length: 2.97m (9’9”)
Weight: 1.1t (1.2 tons)


– Horn Ray
– Super Speed and Agility
– Scent Suppression
– Radar ossices



Kastal is the meta-form of Kastak. Its legs have elongated during its metamorphosis, making it extremely fast and manoeuvrable; in a flat-out gallop, it can create shockwaves as it passes by. However, it usually retreats as a last resort, holding its ground and stubbornly fighting back with its sharp horn and hooves against any opponent who dares to cross it. Though it can be difficult to tame, its strong, sturdy back makes it an excellent steed and it is extremely loyal to a Tamer that can earn its respect. A male Kastal can be distinguished from a female by the short beard on his chin.