Pronunciation: "CLAMP-ta-cull"
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: B

Adult Size

Length: 7.92m (26')
Weight: 1.3t (1.4 tons)


- Ink Blast
- Imploding Bubbles
- Regeneration
- Camouflage



This territorial Kreature has a habit of sinking ships and submersibles which enter its turf by either smashing them to bits or punching holes in them with pressurized torrents of superheated ink fired from its twin siphons. After devouring the escaping crew, it will live in the resulting shipwreck. Its default colour is red but it can change colour to blend into its surroundings or signal its emotions. Its pincers are so strong it can snap them shut with enough force to create imploding sonoluminescent bubbles that can stun its opponents. Though its exoskeleton is tough, it is also collapsible, allowing it to squeeze into tight hiding places.