Pronunciation: “KOO-byne”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: C

Adult Size

Height: 60.9cm (2’5”)
Weight: 21kg (47lbs)


– Bouncing
– Radar antennae
– Mind shock
– Telekinesis




Koobine is the meta-form of Kooble. Though its retractable limbs give it a greater degree of balance and dexterity than it used to have, it hasn’t lost its penchant for bouncing around. Its psionic arsenal now includes ranged attacks: it can fire pyrokinetic antennae beams and hurl objects via levitation. It will silently communicate with its offspring and other members of its kind by broadcasting telepathic signals to them with its antennae, which can be directed to one recipient or spread through the entire group. This makes it a ferocious pack hunter, despite its revoltingly cuddly appearance.