Species: Human
Height: 175cm (5'9'')
Team: Wyldcard
Boyfriend: Dennis Alvarez
Birthday: January 4th DAC5180
Fav Colours: Red, black, grey, purple
Likes: Business, science, sarcasm
Dislikes: Insubordination, negligence, misconduct
Debut: Chapter 02, Page 05


Kristy is the Wyldcard team's assertive, resourceful battle planner. A big-shot corporate executive with her phone glued to her ear, she crushes her business rivals underfoot with the same indifference she would a bug. She has a cheeky sense of humour and a dry, acerbic wit that she doesn't hesitate to use. Kristy is a strict boss, though not an unreasonable one. She can be prideful, considering herself to be a consummate professional. Despite this, she's an amicable person who thinks highly of others as a rule and expects just as much from them.



As befitting a ruthless businesswoman, Kristy has a strategic mind and utilizes her Kreatures' abilities in a tactical manner.

Silver-Eyed Koobine

Name: Silver
Rank: C
Sex: Female

Silver is the daughter of Kristy's first Kreature. Though her kind is known for being affectionate and playful, she can also be sly and mischievous; perhaps Kristy's sense of humour has rubbed off on her after all these years. Her antics help cheer Kristy up after those long, stressful days at the office.


Melanistic Silkiure

Name: Dart
Rank: C
Sex: Female

Kristy gave this Kreature the name "Dart" because she is swift, deadly and precise. She's very attentive to Dart's needs, so Kristy works hard to keep her fur plush and her claws pretty and polished. As a result, Dart is one of her most loyal and reliable Kreatures.



Name: Bishop
Rank: D
Sex: Male

Kristy's newest Kreature needs lots of attention, so she keeps him in a tank in her office at K-TEK and then brings him home with her, remaining in a passive mindlink with him almost the entire time. Bishop is a curious, tactile Kreature with a penchant for exploring nooks and crannies.