Pronunciation: “Luh-DARG”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: B

Adult Size

Height: 3.10m (10’2”)
Length: 9.50m (31’2”)
Weight: 3t (3.3 tons)


– Projectile Poison
– Poison Skin
– Echolocation



Although this Kreature is an herbivore, it has a short temper. Males will defend their harems aggressively with hammer-like blows from their necks and tails, sometimes attacking boats which they mistake for rivals. The retractable fin on its head has a spot pattern which is unique to every individual, and how high or low the fin is raised can indicate its mood. Its skin secretes a poisonous mucous that not only protects it, but acts as a natural sunblock; if need be, it can produce copious amounts of this slime on its tail and flick it into an opponent's eyes or nostrils.