Pronunciation: “Luh-NYDE”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: D

Adult Size

Length: 1.27m (4’2″)
Weight: 8.2kg (18lbs)


– Electrogenesis
– Sensory whiskers
– Bouncing


Lanaide has the ability to seek out hidden threats with its large whiskers and zap its enemies with an electric shock from the tip of its long, whiplike tail. Its rubbery body is good at absorbing impacts, which comes in handy due to its arboreal lifestyle; if it falls out of a tree and hits some branches on the way down it will be no worse for the wear. It is not advised to touch or pull on its sensitive whiskers, as doing this is all but asking to be whipped in retaliation. However, its overall even temperament and quick reflexes make it a good choice for an inexperienced Tamer.