Pronunciation: "Lock"
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: A

Adult Size

Height: 5.21m (17'1'')
Length: 20m (65')
Weight: 11.2t (12.2 tons)


- Aqua Beam
- Tidal Wave
- Fog Veil
- Echolocation



Though it is among the most powerful of Kreatures, it is also one of the most gentle. It will decline challenges from lesser adversaries, unleashing a cloud of mist that dulls the senses before slipping away. Against a worthy opponent, it will gather water molecules from the air or surrounding water and focus them into a concussive blast with devastating destructive force, or generate tidal waves with sweeps from its powerful tail. It is primarily nocturnal, sleeping in deep water during the day and coming to the surface to feed at night. Its wild progenitors give birth once every decade or so, returning to the same beach where they were born to deliver a single calf.