Pronunciation: “Meh-DALL-ee-ay”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: D

Adult Size

Height: 43cm (1'5'')
Length: 1.8m (6'1'')
Weight: 8kg (18lbs)


- Quill Shot
- Arboreal Agility



This Kreature's long, flexible tail acts as a counterbalance while climbing, and is also armed with coarse, needle-like hairs which can be flung at an enemy or used as a devastating whiplash. Its tail is also prehensile: this comes in handy due to its short reach. In areas where their populations overlap, feral Medalliaes and Gogons compete with each other for the same habitat and resources. If groups of these Kreatures come into contact it's not uncommon for them to wage war against each other over territory.