Pronunciation: "MINN-uh-DARR"
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: C

Adult Size

Height: 81cm (2'8'')
Length: 1.45m (4'9'')
Weight: 28kg (62lbs)


- Scent tracking
- Radar ears
- Burrowing



A Kreature designed for hunting. Although it's nearly blind, it has no difficulty finding its way around because its senses of hearing and smell are second to none. It can detect the heartbeat and the scent of prey buried more than 10m underground, and follow scent trails that are several days old. It has a vindictive and obsessive personality, searching and digging tirelessly until it finds what it was looking for. Although its killer instinct makes it a bit difficult to tame, it is widely used by military and police in Dimentiara for its excellent tracking capabilities.