Pronunciation: “NEER-on”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: C+

Adult Size

Length: 4.98m (16’4”)
Weight: 51.3kg (113lbs)


– Poison Cannon
– Cytotoxic Venom
– Acid Grenade
– Regeneration


When two Neerous join together, they metamorphose into Neeron. It can alter the shape of its fontanellar guns into sharp points which it can use as stingers in close range combat. It can also flick the segments off the tip of its tail, which stick to opponents and explode. With long range, close range and area-of-effect abilities at its disposal, it was designed to be a versatile Kreature that could be utilized for both direct combat and support roles. However, it has lost its ability to reproduce in the process. Feral Neerons can be found in abandoned laboratories, subways, storm drains and other dark, damp places, where they essentially act as living sentries protecting colonies of Neerou.