Pronunciation: “Ooze-URM”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: B

Adult Size

Height: 2.05m (6’9”)
Weight: 1.2t (1.3 tons)


– Projectile Slime
– Rapid Regeneration
– Extendable Arms


This Kreature is the meta-form of Gunkag. It is a sluggish blob that spends most of its time sleeping. While at rest, it sucks its eyes into its body and deflates, camouflaging itself as a heap of mud; it only bothers to maintain its bipedal form during combat. Feral specimens take refuge in sewers, where they can be mistaken for fatbergs. Although it is slow moving, it has quick reflexes, stretching its arms many times their standard length to snatch up unsuspecting prey.