Pronunciation: "PAND-eddy"
Type: Domestic Kreature, Battle Kreature
Rank: D

Adult Size

Height: 74cm (2'5'')
Weight: 19kg (42lbs)


- Brute Strength
- Brawling



This cute and cuddly genetically engineered pet is one of K-TEK's top selling Kreatures. What appear to be its thumbs are actually points emerging from its wrist bones, which allow it to clumsily grasp its food. It is affectionate, easygoing and safe around children. It is semi-social, being receptive to handling, but suffering from no ill psychological effects when kept alone for extended periods of time - a convenient trait for a Tamer without much time to spare. As a bonus feature for pet owners who are into Kreature Combat, it is deceptively strong, able to seize and crush opponents with a powerful hug.