Pronunciation: “Per-ONN-eyed”
Type: Battle Kreature
Rank: D

Adult Size

Length: 61cm (2′)
Weight: 5.9kg (13lbs)


– Concussive Water Bullet
– Keen vision


This common predatory aquatic Kreature was designed for ornamental as well as defensive purposes; the wild Kreature that supplied its base genome was a muddy brownish colour, but it has been modified to become a shimmering gold. Feral specimens can often be found patrolling lakes and rivers for prey. It has telescopic eyes that grant it a 360 degree of vision, which serves it well in avoiding enemies – despite its rapacious appetite, this Kreature is rather timid. When it spots prey above the water’s surface, it will lock on and accurately shoot it down with spurts of water fired with such pressure that they can pierce through an opponent’s flesh.